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Why GWG?

GWG's research team of financial scientists consists of leading academic experts who take an innovative yet empirical approach to investment. Educated in the world's leading universities such as Cambridge and the University of Chicago and trained in fields such as theoretical physics and quantum mechanics, GWG's researchers are trained in tackling highly complex issues requiring the very best mathematical and analytical skills. The GWG financial scientists apply these same world-class talents in providing solutions for clients.

A new approach for a new investment environment
With high alpha returns increasingly elusive, GWG has developed a new approach based on behavioral finance theory that captures the upward and downward movements of equity indexes such as the Russell 1000 and S&P 500.

Combine the best of academic theory and financial experience
GWG works with leading academic experts from a variety of academic fields. This world-class mathematical and analytical expertise is combined with deep investment experience to develop innovative strategies.

Investment strategies based on a structured approach
GWG is not dependent on economic forecasts, guesswork, or gut instincts to achieve superior returns. Its scientific empirical approach to investment provides a solid foundation for making disciplined investment decisions.